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Student Expectations

Student Expectations

Everyone at SIES is expected to adhere to the following golden principles in order to be safe, learn, enjoy and to make his/her stay at SIES more productive. Nobody expects you to be perfect all the time but we do expect you always try to put up the best effort, to achieve your goals, complete school work and be respectful.

  • Punctuality: Be on time!

School starts at 8:00 A.M in the morning. Every student must come in time so as to begin each day with the morning assembly.

  • Preparation:

Come to school each day with a positive mindset and with all the books, notebooks and learning aids so as to make the optimum use of the working hours.

  • Respect: Be respectful!

Be respectful and considerate towards others. We want you to express yourself in a decent, positive and courteous manner and follow ethical and moral standards in conduct.

  • Safe-behavior:

SIES is a safe place and any misconduct or behaviour in contravention to the school rules and regulations will be strictly dealt with. The defaulter may be suspended/expelled.

  • School property: “This is your school”

SIES is your aim matter and hence taking care of its property is your moral obligation.


Continuum of School-Wide instructional & Positive Behavior Support

Tertiary Prevention:

* Specialized

* Individualized

* Systems for Students with High-Risk

Secondary Prevention:

* Specialized Group

* Systems for Students with High-Risk Behavior

Primary Prevention:

* School /Classroom-Wide Systems for all students, Staff & Setting


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