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Philosophy of discipline

Philosophy of discipline:

At SIES the administration and the faculty believe in efficient teamwork. The discipline programmed is intended to ensure that everyone at SIES shoulders the responsibility for providing a sound academic environment within to learn. Discipline is enforced consistently at all levels and is one of the core values of SIES. We believe that character is destiny and therefore students are taught to be fully responsible for their actions, behaviour and breach of discipline/school code of conduct is liable for sanctions, both pecuniary and in warnings. A dossier of each student is maintained in order to monitor his/her conduct throughout their stay at SIES.

Attendance Standards:
  1. A student absent for consecutive three days in a month without prior information/leave will be dealt according to SIES rules and regulations.
  2. Exceptions may be made due to extending circumstances, good grades and overall academic performance.
  3. Fines may be imposed by the Administration for breach of discipline/school code of conduct.
  4. The Administrator may order withdrawal/removal of student on grounds of indiscipline, unsatisfactory academics progress or any other irregularity.


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