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What better source of sadaqah e jariyah (continuous charity) could there be than contributing towards the education of young Muslims? “poor and orphan children by mother, by father, by both: mother & father”. Your financial support can go a long way towards making our children excellent Muslims by getting quality education in SIES Cadet College Abbottabad, Pakistan. Every gem that the school produces, and all the good that these children are able to do because of their early education, will have your share in the reward Insha’Allah. Support SIES, and create an everlasting source of good deeds for yourself!

“Ways in which you can invest your Akhira through SIES”

Sponsor a child

There are many children who are talented but cannot afford the fee of the school- help make them study

Help build the new campus

Invest in making an infrastructure conducive for ideal learning.

Help spread the light

Contact us if you think you can help us expand SIES to other cities in Pakistan.

Work as Volunteer

We welcome parents’ participation inside the class, outside the class and on special occasions. You volunteering at your child’s School will demonstrate to him/her how much you value your child’s education. There are numerous volunteer opportunities that parents can opt for throughout the year, such as participation in after-school clubs, volunteer for events like annual day, chaperone field trips, be a guest speaker and more. Any other ideas you have for ways in which you can benefit the school are welcome. If you are interested in becoming a parent volunteer, please fill the Volunteer Form and submit it at the School reception.

Volunteer with SIES and become a part of a never-ending chain of good deeds Insha’Allah!

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Jazāk Allāhu Khayran!


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